Thursday, December 27, 2012

A little about Livi

 Livi's growing so fast and I've been meaning to do a 2 month post, and a 4 month post, and now a 6 months post so I decided to do a little post dedicated to her.

She is a sweetheart, so easy going, and oozes happiness. She is so curious and wants to check everything out.  She absolutely LOVES Weston and smiles and laughs at everything he does.  In fact, he was asleep on the couch once and she noticed him and just started squealing and laughing.  He's caught on and has realized he can kind of get away with a little more if Livi's laughing at him.  Danger is a close second to Weston for her and then Mom and Dad come somewhere down the line.
One Month
For her first 3-4 months she rarely cried unless she was in her car seat and Weston looked like this.

Two Months - She began smiling and cooing between 1 and 2 months and it was so sweet.
 Stats:  10 Lbs 14 oz. (50%) and 23 inches (60%)
Three Months

Four Months- she began rolling over from her back to her tummy every time I sat her down, but then she's just stuck there:)
STATS: 13lbs 7oz. (40%) and 26 in. (99%)

Five Months-started solids and has done great.  Her independence shines through when eating.  She has to help with the spoon.  It was messy at first, but we're learning to work with her.  She's so curious about our food and I think she'd trade in nursing for 100% solid food if I'd let her.

Still Five Months, but I love this picture.  It captures her watching Weston be Weston:)  She can't get enough of him.
STATS: 15lbs 3oz (38%) and 27 in. (91%)
At six months, Livi is adorable.  I'm constantly getting asked "Is she always that happy?"  And, yes, she is.  I mean, she's a baby so she does get tired or hungry and cry, but she's pretty easily made happy and she loves to people watch.  Any attention and she glows.  She has made many an old lady's day while out running errands.  She is starting to turn into a momma's girl a little more and just as six months hit she's started to need a little more attention, but she's still as sweet as can be!  She has been rolling from her back to her stomach for two months and just started rolling back.  She has started to sit-up, but she's still a little too wobbly for me to not be close by.  She loves to be tickled or a little startled and will laugh so hard.  I could just kiss on her all day!

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Sharee said...

She is so sweet and precious! You totally deserve that!