Thursday, July 5, 2012


I decided to be brave and sign Weston up for Soccer that would start the Saturday before I was due and go for 4 weeks. It turns out that Livi came early, and it started the Satruday after she was born, but she was a trooper and came to the soccer game and slept in her carrier so that I could watch Weston! The kids didn't actually get to play games against each other, but more games with soccer balls that got them comfortable running and kicking. I think Weston was one of the most enthusiastic kids on the field. He loved it! Weston tended to kick his ball a little further and faster than a lot of the kids so he had gone past the coach and was coming back:)
They play a game called "Mr. Fox" and all the kids yell "Mr. Fox, Mr. Fox, What time is it?" and one of the coaches yells out a time and they kick the ball that many times towards him. When they start to get close, he yells out "Lunch Time" and runs after them trying to steal their ball and then they would become a fox with him. Weston loved being a fox so he always ran right up to the coach with his ball to get it stolen. This picture is of him stealing a ball after he became a fox. He didn't get the "no hands" rule the first week, but he has since caught on:)

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Mike said...

I'm glad he loved soccer! I can imagine him and how happy he was running and being outside and kicking a ball.