Thursday, July 5, 2012

The Bilibed

Our sweet little girl's bilirubin's levels were a little too high leaving the hospital so we had to go into the pediatrician the first day home. She was still to high so they sent us a bilibed that we had to keep her in 24/7 unless we were changing or feeding her. Luckily she did fine with it. I think it was much harder on us not being able to cuddle with her. She ended up having to stay on it Wednesday afternoon until Friday evening. We were so excited to get the call from the doctor on Friday that Eric had her out of the bed and in his arms before I could even get off the phone with the doctor.
Aunt Taylor stopped by on Wednesday right after the bed showed up so we let her sneak a few minutes of cuddles before we had to put her back in the bed!
While Livi was chiling on the bed, Weston was perfecting his "Puss in Boots" moves:


Sharee said...

Wow. Weston has some pretty sweet moves. He must have got those from his mom. I just know he did. First hand experience.

Mike said...

He totally pulls off the pull in boots! Such a character.