Thursday, October 6, 2011

Summer Fun!

I've been lazy about posting, but we've had a lot of fun this summer!

At the end of July our neighborhood had a block party! I was so excited to get to know some of our neighbors. It was fun and we at least recognize some of our neighbors now:) The lady who put it together asked some firefighters to come out and talk to the kids. They LOVED it. They got to check out the truck and run through the "sprinklers" or freezing cold firehose water!

At the end of July Weston also hit another big milestone! He's potty trained! He did such a good job and was so easy! I have no complaints-he's a rockstar!

This is him with the prize he chose after filling up this sticker chart:

Weston and I have been trying to learn our new city and we hit up the Children's museum on their "free" night. It was CRAZY! I think he still had a good time, but it might be worth paying next time.

I can't believe I only have one picture from this weekend. A few of Eric's highschool friends came out to visit us and we had so much fun. My mom took Weston for a day and a night and it was like we went somewhere for vacation too! The guys golfed while the girls went to the pool followed by a night down town! The next day we hit up Elitch Garden's (Denver's Six Flags). We picked up Weston at the end of the afternoon and brought him back to the park. He loved it! I feel like I've got to have pictures somewhere?? He went on the kid rollercoaster and could barely keep his head up, but he still cried when he had to get off. Weston loved having friends over. Especially big guys that played football and hide n seek with him!

Here are the guys minus Trav (I think they're watching a PBS kids show?) We hope they come back!!

We love getting to live close to these friends! We met up at a great park with everything a kid could want (playground, water, train ride, and petting zoo)

This post wouldn't be complete without a painting picture. We've been painting, re-painting, and more painting since we moved in. Weston loves to help, but this is probably the most I let him do. He did most of that wall and without any disasters!


Laura said...

Congrats on potty-training! I love the guitar picture - what a handsome little man. Oh, how we miss our Weston. I'm glad you guys are having fun and enjoying Colorado!

Jaime And Kalen said...

Hooray for a potty trained kid, way to go Weston!