Saturday, October 8, 2011


A couple weeks ago, Eric's company had a national sales meeting and invited out everyone's spouses to the Gaylord Opryland Hotel in Nashville. I had so much fun getting to see a few Bloomington friends and getting to meet a few more or Eric's co-workers. We ate A LOT, relaxed, and danced more than I have since before we were married.

I guess we were having too much fun to take pictures (I had to steal this one off facebook!-thanks Joy) The night of the Gala we enjoyed dinner and some great impersonators. Tim McGraw was first, but they didn't introduce him as an impersonator so there was a mass flood to the dance floor/stage. I had to convince Eric he wasn't really Tim McGraw:) He was followed by David Bowie and Micheal Jackson!

One afternoon we took a "Mansions of the South" tour. It was fun, but we maybe could have choose better. When we first got on the bus our tour guide started naming off all of the "cool" things we could have done and asked "So why'd y'all choose this one??" However, it certainly doesn't get much better than these tour guides-

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Jaime And Kalen said...

how fun to get away just the two of you... you look beautiful!