Saturday, October 2, 2010

Working in Utah

Weston and I headed to Utah last week for a banking conference. I spent a lot of time at the conference, golfing, and lunches. Weston got to hang out with Great Grandma Beverly! Thanks Grandma :)

Weston LOVES the airport and airplanes. We were lucky on the way out and the seat next to us stayed open so he was able to have his own seat. He checked out all the magazines in the seat pocket, loved watching out the window, and eventually fell asleep sitting up. He's so dang sweet!

My dad was in Utah on business the week before and decided to stay the weekend so he could hang out with us!! We had a lot of fun going to the driving range (I was getting some tips from the expert for my tournament) and checking out downtown Ogden. I think Weston and Grandpa could have kept looking for more horses all night if Great Grandma and I weren't dragging them down. (I liked the licorice mane on the candy horse:)

We stopped for Smoothies after checking out the horses. Weston loved his "treat drink" but one at a time just wasn't enough. This kid cracks me up!

We met up for lunch at a park with a bunch of friends and it went by so quickly I didn't get a picture with everyone, but Joslin and Eden stayed to hang out for a little while!! Eden is probably the happiest little girl I've ever met. What a sweetheart! And Weston decided Joslin was a much better play date at the park than Mommy. He's still mentioning her every time we see the swings.

I had to get a picture of Weston and Grandma B picking Hazelnuts...

Saying Goodbye...

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maugers said...

So fun! I'm glad you were able to see so many people, your little boy is a sweetheart :)