Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Lesson Learned...

We had a blast this weekend visiting Andy, Alex, and Meg in Chicago this weekend-

Everytime we drive around town Weston start screaming "GET OUT...AHHHH" over and over. We were a little nervous about the drive, but he was a rockstar and didn't start the screaming until about the last 20 minutes :) (Thanks to WallE, The Tigger Movie, and Thomas the Train!)

Meg and Weston and their daddies had some good clean fun after dinner!

Eric was a virgin toaster oven user until this weekend. After about 30 seconds in the oven he was ready to eat the pizza. This is Andy showing him how to get a perfect piece of pizza. It took everything Eric had in him to wait:)

After the kiddos went to bed, Eric and I went on a little date to Navy Pier. I forgot how really fun the swing ride and mini golf really are and we had a great view of the fireworks from the swings!

Eric kind of tricked me into this picture. I guess you could say he technically won...but let it be known that on two holes my ball went all the way in and popped out (not jumped over the hole...all the way in!)

The next morning we headed out for an excellent breakfast!

Our Gracious Hosts-

Then we headed up to the top of the Hancock building...what a beautiful city-

Weston's first beach experience

He LOVED it! We had to stay right by him at all times. This kid is fearless and really wanted to get out to the deep water where all the teenagers were hanging out.

Getting in a little baby sign movie time before church..Aren't these two cute!

And these are just fun pictures Andy took at the sandwich shop:

We had a fun filled day Saturday, but our headlining event was the White Sox vs. Yankees game that night. Eric had been looking into tickets for awhile, but I think he was hoping to get better tickets for the price so when game time came they were sold out. We decided to go and try to buy tickets from a scalper. Alex and I dropped off the guys to do the negotiating and we went to find parking. On our way in, they called and said the guy they were working with sold the tickets to someone else while they were waiting for us to come with the rest of the money. Luckily we ran into more scalpers. With my incredible negotiating skills I got them down from $50 a ticket to $25. They headed off with our $100 and we headed to the stadium with our FAKE tickets! We had a good laugh...not sure it was a $100 dollar laugh, but we had fun (Sorry again guys). The best part looking back is picturing the scene of the crime. Alex and I with diaper bags and camera bags and our babies hanging on us as we hand over $100 to these guys:)


kachers said...

no! fake tickets? that's lame! Those shots of the kids are to die for. so cute!

George and Ashley said...

Unbelievable! I would be ticked, but oh well... what can you do?

Jaime And Kalen said...

so lame about your tickets I would be ticked!! But, what a fun trip for you guys and your kiddos... seriously those are two beautiful children!

Weston's Grammy said...

Wow great pictures! For a second I thought that was Matthew McConaughy walking Weston out of the water...

Laura said...

Looks like you had a blast! And what cool pictures - Weston almost looks like a model in the one where he's standing by a refrigerator. :-)

Erika Hanks said...

SOOO FUN!!! This makes me want to take our boys on vaca even more! So I have been waiting and waiting to get back to you but long story short...the condo might not work. They owner is in round 3 of interviews for another job there and if he gets it, will live there. I am just waiting until he hears...so we should keep our eyes open to other possibilities! I am glad you went somewhere over the holiday bc Ty wanted to come out there but I really could not miss YW that weekend. Seriously, it should not be so hard to come visit! When would you say is the best time to come?

Chrispy Critter said...

Oh how I miss those curls!!! Love the Activity Day skirts. Ruby really misses you when she goes to ours. So do I!!!