Monday, February 1, 2010


Weston continues to crack me up. He only says a handful of words, but his latest is "vacuum." It sounds more like "" I guess it makes sense...he can say all of his other favorite things like book, ball, and bath so why not vacuum!

This picture also evidences Eric's new nickname for Weston "Hurnado!" Yes that is an Ice Cream carton on the floor. He snatched it from the freezer while I was getting something else out.


George and Ashley said...

He has the cutest little chubby legs!! He gets cuter every day I think... hopefully Eric doesn't hate me for calling his man cute.

Brandon and Erica said... cute as he is...I think his hair is my favorite :)

AWESOME locks, dude.

Alex said...

Andy and I witnessed the true power ice cream has over that kid. I love it. I'm thinking of pulling out some ice cream over here in hopes that it will entice Meg to walk. Nothing like some good motivation to start walking.

Stan said...

C: Regarding the kennel, You said,

"I couldn't keep him out. I eventually had to move it to my room and keep the door shut."

What I want to know is did you take Weston out before you moved it to your room?

I used to keep Eric in a small cage sometimes. It was great until he learned how to work the latch. It really isn't a bad idea.

I explains a lot.

Take good care of my grandson.


Grandpa Stan