Sunday, February 21, 2010

Happy Late Valentine's Day!

We decided to drive across town for our Valentine's Day to some of the stores we don't get a chance to visit to often. We didn't end up with much, but it was worth it for the Trader Joe's Gnocchi and Granola Bars. (As you can tell...this picture was at the end of our day!)

Weston made us Valentine's cards and breakfast! Okay, maybe he had a little help with both, but he has been so funny lately in the kitchen. This day, he decided he would get the hot pads out. He put them on, played with them for a minute, went over to the oven and tried to open it, and then put them back in the drawer they go in. I had to include a picture for journal-sake.

Weston loving his Valentine package from grandma! (A little irritated that we're taking pictures and not opening the chocolates)

I had bought Weston some hot wheels cars for Valentine's Day and meant for that to be his gift, but somehow he was the only one that ended up coming home with anything on our shopping trip. He LOVES this chair...I know, how exciting can a chair be, but he really loves it.

This one is just for fun. Some friends of our gave us this rocking horse before they moved and Weston is just getting to where he can get on it by himself and it is pretty cute!


Jaime And Kalen said...

LOVE the chair, and I'm with you- how fun can furniture be...apparently very fun!

Joy said...

Okay, we saw that chair at home goods and we could not pry our girls off of it. Prepare for a war if we ever bring them over! W looks so cute and comfy in it.

Bellows said...

I can't believe how adorably cute Weston is...and those beautiful eyes...*sigh*. I love how he sneaks food out of the fridge...ha! Gotta love self-sustaining children :)

Jessica said...

Hi Chels, Weston is so cute! Those eyes are to die for. I'm so glad to see these fun pics. Love Jess

The Neumann's said...

Seriously! He is gorgeous!

Tyson and Marie said...

Hey! How are you? Weston is getting so big and cuter every day! My friends Amber and John told me they are in your ward! How fun! They are so awesome! I told them that you two are pretty amazing yourselves. Keep in touch!