Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Long time coming

So if it is one thing I have learned at business school, it is that everyone these days is outsourcing to China and India. Well since it has been months since we last blogged, I am thinking I should hire one of the many Chinese or Indian students on campus to write our blog. We will try harder to keep it more up to date. So these are just some pictures of what we have been up too in the past few months. The first are some pictures from when Chelsey's family came to visit at the end of the year. The then Superbowl came to town here in Glendale. We went to a free concert with the Hanks and the Westenskows. Rugby has also started up again and it is going well. These are a nice sequence of pictures of the same run. I like the one with Danger watching me run and then get pushed out of bounds on my head just.


Spencer & Sierra said...

Ahhhh, nothing like getting rocked right in front of the camera. Sweet shot Chelsea.

Scott and Cassidy Cowley said...

Eric, whats up man? Love the rugby pics. Hope school is going well. I will give you a call soon about T-bird. Take care!