Sunday, October 7, 2007

Weekend fun

This weekend I went out of town to an MBA career fair in Houston so Chelsey's mom came into town for a visit. Houston was fun, but not as fun as the girls had here in AZ. They shopped and decorated, I was way jealous. I didn't miss out on all of the fun though, I made it home in time for some "earomatherapy" ear wax removal treatment. What a girls night out we had!!!! The pictures show our apartment (pretty ghetto we think), pool, and the GNO.


Spencer & Sierra said...

Earomotherapy eh... looks like you got suckered to me. Whatever you do, avoid those "wallet inspectors".

Let the Good Times Roll! said...

So that is how you do the earomotherapy. Spence tried doing that in Cali, and we made a mess all over our couch and everything - we didn't think to stick the wax stick through the plate! Nice!