Sunday, November 25, 2012

Andersen Family Reunion

Slip 'n Slide...Weston needed a little help!
The entire group and Weston caught in the act.  He is throwing grass on Connor, driving him crazy, and thinks he's hilarious:)
The hot tub- basically luke warm, green water at this point and the kids couldn't get enough of it!
Movie Night!- Weston did an 8 mile hike earlier this day, slept about 20 minutes on the drive home, went straight into the hot tub until I pulled him out to eat.  I thought he'd pass out as soon as the movie started, but he watched the entire show until 11pm.  He didn't want to miss a thing and keeps asking to go back to the family reunion.
Pirate Mustaches!
Isn't the Black Canyon gorgeous?!?
Love these guys!!


Sharee said...

SO much fun! Was this in Utah? I love seeing what your cute family is up to!

Chelsey said...

Sharee, I don't know if you'll see this, but it was in Montrose, CO. It's about half way between Denver and Salt Lake and it's gorgeous!!