Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Birthday Eric and Merry Christmas everyone else!

My parents gave us all minutes to do Ifly (indoor skydiving) for Christmas and we decided to go do it for Eric's birthday. We also found out there is now a Cafe Rio in Denver so, of course, Eric chose it for his birthday dinner!

Grandpa Fred

Grandma Tyresha







After we got into the chamber and learned how to move a little our trainer would grab on to us and take us up and down in the chamber! We had so much fun:)

We thought West would just watch, but they let him suit up and get in. He was pretty excited. He sat totally silent watching each person and was very brave on his turn. They turned the wind down quite a bit for him and the trainer obviously never let go of him, but I think he was pretty proud of himself!!

We had so much fun! It was just as much fun to watch everyone else as it was to actually go:) Thanks for the present Mom and Dad!

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