Sunday, November 28, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!!

We had such a GREAT Thanksgiving this year! Eric was out of town right up until Wednesday so Weston and I had a lot of time to just hang out in the evenings. For pre-school we painted turkeys and Weston had fun with it so I let him do a few more. While he was doing this, I entertained myself by making place cards out of the other turkeys :)

The day of Thanksgiving, friend's of our from Thunderbird happened to be intown visiting family, so Ryan drove down to play in the ward Turkey bowl with Eric. Weston was so excited that friends had come over that he lost it when Eric left with them :( I think he was sad the friends weren't staying and even more so that Daddy was leaving. He kept saying "Dad drive away..." through his tears. Poor guy. So we bundled up and headed over to the park to watch the football game in the pouring rain. Weston loved it!! By the end he was pretty much soaked from playing at the park so Eric decided to teach him to run and slide in the puddles. He caught on pretty quick and we had to pick him up drag him away soaked and covered in mud and grass from head to toe. I didn't get any pictures, but a friend in the ward did so I may post one later :)

We then went home, relaxed, made a little food, and enjoyed a fun and relaxing dinner and football with the Carlstons! Again, I didn't take any pictures. I guess we were having too much fun?!

Weston was very proud of his turkeys!

I asked Weston if he and Ella wanted to sit at the big table or little table and he picked the little table. It was kind of fun to have a "kid" table and they actually sat there for most of the meal!

I actually got up and went out shopping Friday morning for the fun of it. I didn't get there until 5 though and that might as well have been 10, but I didn't have anything specific in mind so it was okay. I got a few good deals on gifts and even a couple things for me:)

I guess Weston just needs bags for Christmas. He's always picking up bags (suitcase, purse, whatever) and telling me that he's going to work or on the airplane to grandma's. All morning on Friday, he carried ALL of my shopping bags around. He's such a crazy kid.

That evening we headed out to the "Canopy of Lights" downtown Bloomington (the lighting ceremony for all of the downtown lights). Weston loved it. He got to see Woody and Buzz, Santa, eat cookies and cupcakes, and sing all sort of christmas songs while dancing around with Daddy! When it was over we headed to the Bakehouse for hot chocolate and he was crazy by then from all the sugar:)

Before I got the picture he was a little concerned about Woody and kept touching his face, but after we left he kept asking for Woody and Buzz.

We also got our Christmas decorations up on Friday. Weston LOVED helping. He calls our tree, "Weston's Christmas" and once we turned the lights on he kept jumping around saying "Yea, Christmastime...Yea, Christmastime" I think it's a combination of the decorations and that he knows he gets to go back to Grandma and Grandpa's house at "Christmastime." Every time we get in the car lately he wants to bring a suitcase and he thinks we are driving to the airport. It's kind of sad that I keep having to tell him, not yet.


Let the Good Times Roll said...

Glad you guys had a fun Thanksgiving! West is so dang adorable! What a ham! I love those cute place cards you made, very festive!

Jessie said...

We missed you! I'm glad you had a fun Thanksgiving! Can you believe Weston is turning 2 next week? Hope he has a great birthday!

Erika Hanks said...

Love Weston's haircut!! What a fun idea with the finger painted turkey's too!!! I have an idea for you about our trip...let's talk soon!

Taylor! said...

Really? You couldn't let him wear the red gloves?