Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Black Friday in Cincinnati!

We decided to do an overnight trip to Cincinnati the day after Thanksgiving. We did some outlet shopping, which Weston hated, and then headed to our hotel for dinner. We lucked out and our hotel was right down town with a skywalk to the mall (love priceline!) and the city was doing the annual tree lighting right in front of the skywalk that night! So we got to enjoy the festivities and Weston met Santa for the first time!

(We didn't realize we were going to run into Santa...so we only had our camera phones)

The next morning we got up and ready to go to the Newport Aquarium, and realized our car keys were missing. We tore our hotel room apart, no keys. Retraced our steps to and from the car, no keys. Called the front desk, no keys. After praying and doing this all again a second time, Eric went down to the front desk and they had our keys. Apparently, they found them "right after we called." Not sure why they didn't call back, but we were REALLY grateful we found them (and just in-time to make it to the penguin parade!)

Although the 20 minute line for Scuba Santa was not worth it, West didn't mind because he got to play with the Starfish! (However, we do now know what every type of sea creature would like for Christmas!)

Weston loved running from one exhibit to the next and didn't have an extra second to actually look at the camera for a picture!

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