Monday, June 29, 2009

A boy and his puppy!

While Danger is more than a hand full, Weston sure loves him. Weston's starting to be able to hold his own (if kicking danger in the head and pulling on his collar is considered fair wrestling!) Danger loves Weston too...when he hears him waking up on the monitor he's the first one in his room. Then Weston's all smiles when I go to pick him up, but then his eyes go immediately to the ground looking for Danger who gets smiles and I guess Danger is his favorite. What can you do, the little guy runs off with all of his toys and still wins the popularity contest!

Weston is also getting pretty resourceful. He's not crawling yet, but he can get to something if he wants it...Our DVDs didn't see it coming. He sprawls them all over the floor at least once a day.

These are just a bonus...Weston loves to play and LOVES to talk! These pictures don't show case it, but his latest cry sounds like he's saying "hungry." It's actually more like "hungee," but most of the time when he does it he actually is hungry. I'm not sure if he know what he's doing, but we have been dying laughing that our little guy's first word might be hungry!


Laura said...

What a cutie! He only gets cuter. I love how he and Danger have a close bond. :)

KaCHeRS said...

Weston is such an adorable little big boy! I love those pics of him and danger - brothers:>

ellen said...

Danger is such a sweetie! And Weston's only completely adorable! It's so cute that they already have such a bond. You're killing me with all of the cute pictures!!