Sunday, July 6, 2008

Pure steel and sex appeal

Happy 4th of July!! What better way to spend it than at a demolition derby in Yuma, AZ. Of course I was pulling for our patriotic friend. He did not win the grand prize; however he did win "Best Design." I'm pretty sure the award was titled something else as "Best Design" really doesn't sound right for an event where the cars just drive around trying to kill each other, but you get the idea. Our grand prize winner though was this handsome gentleman exiting the black car!

Eric and I had a lot of fun relaxing in Yuma with my grandparents... Eric did some golfing and I did some baking and babysitting with my grandma. Unfortunately we aren't the best at remembering to take pictures when we're just hanging out so I'll have to repost a picture of my beautiful grandma and I from a couple months ago.


Let the Good Times Roll! said...

Eric I miss your sarcasm, it cracks me up! (post below!) Glad you guys had a fun anniversary, that resort looks fantastic, and Chels you are gorgeous! You need to post a pic of your belly, which I am sure you don't have yet! I love demolition derby's, so fun! And Chels, last time you posted a pic on your blog of your grandma, I think I said this same thing, but your grandma is so beautiful.

George and Ashley said...

AWESOME!! It's been a long time since I've been to a demolition derby, and i think you just reminded me of how fun they are!!