Saturday, April 19, 2008

Separate Vacations

Recently, Chels and I decided to take some time apart and take a separate vacations. Just kidding, it was not by choice, but it worked out that way. Chels had a friends wedding in San Diego, and I had the World MBA rugby tournament at Duke in North Carolina. We had a great tournament going 4-2 losing to Harvard who took second and Columbia, even though we led with 10 min to go. We beat McGill (Canada), Cal-Berkley, Duke, and Ivy (Canada). We took 9th overall (one place behind Andy's stupid Northwestern team) and won the Mug, the cup for the winner of the second division. Saturday was a lot of fun, but Sunday was a different story for me. Five minutes into the second game of the day I running to score and got tackled, which broke the other dude's jaw in two places and knocked out a few molars. I got back up and kept running when I got hit by three of there guys at the goaline. I was out for a while and came to on a stretcher with a neck brace on and EMT's over me. I was ambulanced to the hospital and was in and out consciousness for hours. I had a cat-scan and x-rays and was allowed to go after about 6 hours when I finally could stand and walk. It was just a bad concussion and I should be ok after a few more days. With Chelsey's pushing, I am most likely done with Rugby. (our season is over anyways)

I really don't have pics from the tournament, but the link below is to a professional guy who was there all weekend.

To see the whole sequence of my injury (and the broken jaw) click on Mens gallery 5, page 1, pictures 5888-5912 5892 is where my knee breaks his jaw.

other cool pictures are gallery 1, page 13, pics 3759-3775. I am getting hit out of bounds and throw it to a teammate who scores. Fun stuff.

The above pic is from a game a few weeks ago against University of Arizona.


Spencer & Sierra said...

Wow. Yeah, ambulance + stretcher + neck brace = not happy wife. Quitting rugby sounds like a pretty good idea. Once you get one concussion, it's easier to get future concussions. And who's molars were knocked out, yours or his?

Thrillsons said...

Do you even have to ask? Of coarse it was his

George and Ashley said...

Oh gosh!! I'm glad to hear it wasn't YOUR jaw, but still... I told George if he gets any new injuries this flag football season he is done, no quesitons asked, and that doesn't sound nearly as rough as rugby!! I think you should go with Chelsey's gut feeling on that one :)

Jay said...

Ya right...all of these pictures were photoshopped.