Sunday, November 25, 2007


Thanksgiving was great. Lucky for us Chels has Grandparents about three hours south right on the Mexican border, it saved us from pizza and football. (Wait, that doesn't sound so bad.) Anyways it was a lot of fun and we even went into Mexico to shop. We both got some cheep Mexican eye glasses. With all the dentists and eye dr's it was senior citizen heaven. Here is a pic of Danger as we were driving home. He had three other little dogs to play with down there, he was pretty sad to leave.


Let the Good Times Roll! said...

I love the pic of Danger in the back. Chels - you have a really pretty grandma. Spence and I were thinking of going to Mexico for a few days after finals. Did you need your passports?

Andy and Alex Thomas said...

Danger sounds more and more like a child and less and less like a dog. Do you guys dress him up?