Sunday, September 16, 2007

Extracurricular Activities

Eric's joined the Rugby team which is threatening his life more each time he steps on the pitch. So far he's jammed his thumb twice and he's got a bruise on his knee that goes about six inches down his leg.... but you should have seen the other guy!! I went and watched a scrimmage they had on Saturday and he's pretty good. He is a lot faster than those GIANT guys on his team. He even scored a couple "tries." (that's the Rugby word for points I think) He is number 9 in this picture, doesn't he look good in short shorts!!!!

I've met some fun girls down here as well that decided to start a bunco group once a month. After we figured out the rules and got everyone together we had a lot of fun.


Amy Buff said...

Erica get some shorter shorts, come on it is rugby!

Richard and Emily White!!! said...

I agree with Amy, get some shorter shorts! Eric, this is your chance to wear short short shorts and get away with it.

Richard and Emily White!!! said...

There is a reason Erica has to wear long shorts? The truth is Erica is not a woman after all. -Richard

Are you playing 9 or wing?